Fibre Bread (1kg) (BBD Passed) *SEE NOTATION BELOW*

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*BBD (Best Before Date) is passed but still perfectly ok to use.  Is discounted by 50%.  See following from Food Standards Australia

Date marks give a...


*BBD (Best Before Date) is passed but still perfectly ok to use.  Is discounted by 50%.  See following from Food Standards Australia

Date marks give a guide to how long food can be kept before it begins to deteriorate or may become unsafe to eat.
The two types of date marking are use by dates and best before dates. The food supplier is responsible for placing a use by or best before date on food.

Foods that must be eaten before a certain time for health or safety reasons should be marked with a use by date. Foods should not be eaten after the use by date and can’t legally be sold after this date because they may pose a health or safety risk.

Most foods have a best before date. You can still eat foods for a while after the best before date as they should be safe but they may have lost some quality. Foods that have a best before date can legally be sold after that date provided the food is fit for human consumption.


YIELDS 3 loaves

35% less calories, 88% less carbs and three times the fibre of regular bread with seeds

Net weight: 250 g. Yields approx. 530 g finished bread  Shelf life: 18 months.

Are you on a low-carb diet, gluten-intolerant or just generally concerned with a healthy diet? Then we’ve developed the perfect bread for you. You can use this bread mix to make your own low-carb bread that contains no gluten, milk or yeast. One slice of bread contains just 1 gram of carbohydrates and 65 calories, but a full 8.5 g of dietary fibre. That’s 94% fewer carbohydrates and more than 4 times the fibre of regular whole wheat bread. The high fibre content means that this bread will help you feel full for longer.

Simple preparation – no kneading or rising

All you have to do is add water to the bread mix, let the batter rest for 5 minutes, then shape the bread and place it on a baking tray. The bread is succulent and tasty, doesn’t crumble and stays fresh for several days. It also freezes well. Tip: Slice the bread before freezing to make it easier to thaw in a toaster pre-serving.


Seeds and kernels (Psyllium, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, flaxseed), fibre (from sugar beet, chicory and peas, FiberFin: resistant corn starch), whole egg powder, pea protein, Sukrin (erythritol), raising agents (bicarbonate disodium phosphate), mineral salt (sodium chloride and potassium chloride). 

Product is "Low Gluten"<7ppm

Seeds and kernels

Psyllium, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and flax are natural seeds and kernels that provide healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre as well as delicious taste and texture.

Fibre from sugar beet, chicory and peas

Plant fibres are added to increase the overall fibre content, and to give the bread its lovely consistency.


FiberFin is natural, high-fibre gluten-free flour, made from high-amylose corn. The fibre in FiberFin is known as ‘resistant starch’, which has a beneficial effect on digestion, bacterial flora and the immune system. 

Pea protein

Complete vegetable protein from peas.


Sukrin is made purely from the natural polyol erythritol, which is derived from GM-Free cornstarch. It contains no artificial colours, additives or preservatives, and is naturally gluten-free. Sukrin sweeteners are non-glycemic. 

 Raising agents

Bicarbonate and disodium phosphate are the ingredients of regular baking powder.

Mineral salt

We add a little salt for flavour: sodium chloride (table salt) is used along with potassium chloride, which replaces some of the regular salt to ensure sodium levels are kept to a minimum.