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AMAZING! ways to use our breads

Poppy Seed Rolls with Chia Bread Mix Our gluten, yeast, soy and egg free Chia bread tastes delicious enriched with cream cheese. Lovely as a low-carb breakfast treat or snack topped with your favourite spreads.   Savoury Muffins with Fibre Bread Mix These delicious, easy muffins are the perfect base for your favourite flavour combinations. A great and healthy way to get creative for breakfast, snacks and lunch. Pizza with parma ham, herbs and Protein Bread base This pizza is full of flavour, protein and fibre; a healthier alternative to the weekend dinner favourite! Hot Dog Buns with Chia Bread Mix Conjure up these low-carb treats in a flash - perfect for a healthier summer BBQ!    

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The Low Down on Fibre Syrups

Sukrin Fibre Syrup Fibre Syrup is a sweet syrup made with beneficial prebiotic fibre that both tastes and does good for the entire body.  It is made of a plant fiber called isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO syrup). We call it Fibre Syrup, and the product comes in two versions:Fibre Syrup Clear is a versatile baking ingredient that can be used both as a sweetener and to give your cookies and biscuits a soft centre and crispy crust. Fibre Syrup Clear works especially well as an amazing ingredient in home-baked bars, as it provides sweetness, a perfectly smooth consistency and a good source of fibre. Fibre Syrup Clear is 60% as sweet as sugar.Fibre Syrup Gold has a small amount of malt extract and stevia...

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