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Wendy's Story

Hello and welcome to my story.  I started Keto in August 2017 together with my daughter Shona. We spoke to Rachelle about this WOE and it did help us make the decision to give it a go.    I am a type 2 diabetic and when I started this WOE I was injecting 80 units of insulin a day as well as taking tablets. With my GP's approval and knowledge that I was eating a ketogenic diet I weened myself down to 8 units a day at which time my GP said to stop altogether. I am currently completely OFF insulin injections. I will, over the coming months, be reducing my diabetic tablets one at a time. I am taking...

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Total Carbs & Net Carbs

Are you confused about Total Carbohydrate vs Net Carbohydrate scenario? In Australia, in reference to food labels from Australia and in most cases European lables the Carbohydrate amount you see listed on the label is the NET CARB value! CONFUSED!  There are 2 things to remember to make it a little easier; 1/ European & Australian labels are different to USA & Canada (in most cases) In Europe and Australia, they separate the fibre amount from the total carbohydrate value so there is no need to do a calculation to get a net value of carbohydrate. The carbohydrate amount on the label is also the net carbohydrate amount. In the USA and Canada, they include fibre (fiber) in the total carbohydrate...

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